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My Story


We live in the beautiful mountains of northern Greenville, South Carolina. My daughter Lauren enjoys helping me in the shop when she has time and hiking with me. This picture was taken at Max Patch in North Carolina along the Appalachian Trail. We camped at Max Patch that weekend!
Most days I spend in the shop is started by planning ahead and reviewing orders, then finishing up the previous days work and selecting raw lumber for the next projects. When purchasing hardwoods, I purchase the best quality sustainable hardwoods available, most often I will pay a higher price but in return I get the best quality hardwoods.
Each piece is different in grain and color even if the wood is the same piece. I work with highly figured walnut, cherry, maple, ambrosia maple, birds-eye maple along with some imported woods as needed depending on the project. Trying to source from sustainably managed forest lumber.
Each piece I create is skillfully crafted from solid wood, no veneers, sanding is all done by hand which takes an incredible amount of time to get each piece smooth and ready for applying the final finish. Attention to details is most important. Applying the finish is also done by hand, no brushes or pads, this is where the character and grain of the wood is really revealed. I am dedicated to crafting luxury artistic heirloom pieces for the kitchen and home, handcrafted charcuterie boards, cutting boards, wine board, serving trays, wine stoppers, unique ice cream scoops, honey sticks and more using high quality sustainable wood. They are handcrafted heirlooms lasting a lifetime!
My work is unique and will make your home inviting. An inviting home is warm, full of love and where family and friends are always welcome and it is the best feeling in the world. Home cooked meals, desserts, fellowship, love of family and friends make our home a Happy Home!
I welcome all inquiries. Please feel free to contact me for quotes, information or order online.
Michael's Woodcrafts
Greenville, South Carolina

 Beautiful handcrafted Ice Cream Scoops and Piza Cutters! All of there were hand turned on the lathe. Michaels Woodcrafts Greenville SC Woodwork Artist - Woodwork