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Wood Conditioner

$5.75 USD

  • Our food safe Wood Conditioner is a great way to maintain the finish, condition your wooden cutting boards, serving pieces, rolling pins, butcher block counter tops, wood salad bowls and all things wood. Wood Conditioner will revive, condition and protect the surface.

    Wood Conditioner is a special blend of 100% food grade mineral oil and 100% pure beeswax. The combination of oil and beeswax adds a protective coat and soft luster to the wood. We recommend applying the Beeswax with a soft cotton cloth.

  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry.  Scoop a blob of Wood Conditioner and smear it all over the board. Let sit overnight so if can absorb the Wood Conditioner.  leaning your board against something so that the board surface is not touching anything.

    It penetrates into the wood to revive, condition and protect cutting boards, butcher blocks, wood trays, and more. The soft cream penetrates deeply into the grain of the wood and leaves a silky smooth wax barrier. When using the conditioner, it is recommended that you apply it directly onto the wood surface and massage it by hand into the wood and let it sit overnight.

    Caring for your board often with Wood Conditioner will protect the surface from bacterial growth, prevents drying and cracking of the wood adding a lustrous finish. Wood care instructions are included with your order.

  • Care Instructions for all of my work can be found by clicking Product Care
  • Container size: 2 oz

    Typically ships in 3-4 days or sooner.

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