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Wooden Hand Mirrors

$40.00 USD

  • * Black color is No longer available.

    Our solid wood hand mirrors are handcrafted one at a time. We offer four different designs, one with a long handle and the others a shorter handle. Glass is 5" is diameter, glass may have very fine minor blimmish on edge. Glass mirror is clear and is not beveled.

    Walnut is the most popular wood selected for a hand mirror but we can make you a hand mirror using cherry or maple. Each hand mirror has 3 coats of all natural finish. Engraving is also available if you would like to have it personalized with your message.

    There is an extra cost for engraving logos, a high resolution 'line art' .JPG file is required. Email me for pricing.

    All items are made to order and typically ships in 7- 10 business days or sooner. Depending on timing of  your order I might have plenty of hand mirrors in stock.

    ** Engraved mirrors can not be returned.


    Long Handle

    size; 12-3/4″ long x 5-5/8″ wide with a 5″ mirror

    Loop Handle

    size; 10″ long X 6-3/8″ wide with a 5″ mirror

    Round Handle with hole

    size; 9-/14″ long X 6″ wide with a 5″ mirror

    Handle with no hole

    size;10-3/4″ long X 6″ wide with 5″ mirror

    Care Instructions:

    Hand mirrors have been finished with 100% food safe Odie’s Oil to protect it from moisture. Clean the wood surface lightly with a soft non-abrasive damp cloth or 320 grit sandpaper. It water is used, pat dry then let air dry completely, do not let moisture get trapped between the wood and countertop. It is best to lean the hand mirror against the wall to dry.

    • Dry the surface immediately with a clean towel. Then allow the wood air dry upright. Do not stack or lean wood against another surface while drying. Do not leave in standing water, this can cause the wood to warp, split, and can cause discoloration.
    • DO NOT allow moisture to be trapped between the surface of your board and the counter.
    • DO NOT use a steel brush or scraper on the wood or resin surface. Use 320 grit or higher sandpaper to remove any rough areas. 320 grit sandpaper can also be used if your wood feels fuzzy which is caused from excessive water on the wood. Your hand mirror was sanded to 600 grit, I recommend sanding to 600 grit for the smoothest surface.
    • Store your hand mirror in a clean, dry place.
    • Depending on use, you can refresh the finish with Wood Conditioner or Odie’s oil when you notice it is getting dull. To bring back your sheen you simply need to add one thin layer of original Odie’s oil, buff it in, let it set for about 45 minutes and buff it off completely. DO NOT use vegetable oil, olive oils, etc., they will turn rancid quickly and permeate your wood with an unpleasant odor.

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