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Goose Neck Hand Carved Handle Boards

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    Board #1  - Figured Crotch Fiddleback Walnut

    23" long  X 8-1/2″ wide X 1" thick


    Board #2  - Figured Mesquite

    21" long  X 7-1/4″ wide X 3/4" thick


    Board #3  - Figured Crotch Walnut

    28" long  X 7-1/4″ wide X 1" thick


    Board #4  - Figured Crotch Walnut

    25" long  X 8″ wide X 3/4" thick

    Board #5  - Ambrosia Maple

    27" long  X 7-1/4″ wide X 3/4" thick


    Board #2  - American Walnut

    20" long  X 8-1/2″ wide X 3/4" thick


    The handles on these boards are all hand carved, all are unique and adapted to the wood structure. All have exceptional hard to find figured grain and color.

    Most of the boards with hand carved handles will be figured walnut but occasionaliy I will post a cherry, Mesquite or ambrosia maple board.

    Figured crotch walnut is beautiful and rare, making it very hard to find beautiful pieces. Not to be confused with wood grain, wood figure is the term that is used to describe the unique markings and patterns that appear on the surface of the wood, others say that a boards figure refers to the ability of the woods grain to catch and reflect light. Some have lovely staggers, almost flame like figure.

    All of these boards are custom made and will vary in size, color, figure and grain, no two boards will be alike. Because of all of the figured crotch Walnut grain, these boards are susceptible to some warping based on weather, soaking up moisture or water, etc. All boards I sell will be totally flat on both sides when shipped to you.

    Cherry wood is light cherry color and ambrosia maple is a cream color with black and brown streaking.

    These are beautiful all around board for the kitchen, great for entertaining with friends for serving your favorite cheeses, meats and fruits or use it daily in the kitchen or just hanging on your kitchen wall! All of these re perfect for charcuterie, or serving board, cutting board, pizza board, etc.

    They also makes a beautiful gift for your wife, sweetheart, mother, father, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, newlyweds, Mother's Day, Valentines, and more.

    Engraving is available and includes up to two lines, max characters and spaces is 28, font size no larger than 1/2" along the edge or center of board. Engraving fonts are listed below with examples of each. Additional cost for more than 28 characters/space.

    There is an extra cost for engraving logos, a high resolution 'line art' .JPG file is required. Email me for logo engraving  pricing.

    These boards will be 3/4" thick or thicker. Each board is hand sanded to a smooth finish then finished with numerous coats of 100% food safe finish. Makes a very nice gift!

    Care Instructions for all of my work can be found by clicking Product Care


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