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Ice Cream Scoops with Color Resin Handles

$55.00 USD

Choose Your Handle Color
Bora Bora Blue
Blue Clear
Ice Pearl
Rosie Red
Yellow Clear
Orange - White - Purple Clemson Colors
Rainbow colors with Clear Resin

  • The combination of the burl wood and the color resin make a beautiful scoop! The burl wood and color resin handles are all unique due to the nature of the burl wood and the mixing of the resin. Mixing the resin and pigments to add color can not be guaranteed to get the exact same color each time, however it will be close.

    An Ice Cream scoop is the perfect gift for all occasions and all ages! Weddings, birthdays, graduation, new job, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, realtor closing gifts, corporate gifts, etc., we are all ice cream lovers!

    As you can see, the handles are heavy duty and the stainless-steel hardware is also heavy duty, perfect for scooping really hard ice cream!

    Each ice cream scoop handle is handcrafted one at a time., The heavy-duty handle allows for a firm grip and scoops that really hard frozen ice cream easily.

    The only option on the resin handles scoops is the traditional ice cream scoop hardware.

    Each scoop measures approximately 10 inches long and is finished with numerous coats of finish before being assembled. 

     *Custom resin colors are available on request, please email me if you would like a unique color!

    All items are made to order and typically ships in 7-10 business days or sooner.

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